Terminator : Resistance
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New Terminator Game​
2019 El Camino (Breaking Bad Movie / Netflix)
Peter Fonda has Passed Away
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Peter Fonda, mostly known for Easy Rider, The Cannonball Run, Escape from L.A. and many more has passed at 79.
Email Confirmations Broken
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Working on fixing, please stand by (New Members) if you register I will have to manually approve you.
Site Was Down
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Sorry for inconvenience of site being down for some. This was a unscheduled maintenance after a certain part of site was not working. All things operational now.
Adding New Categories
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For our Manga/Anime fans, 2 nodes have been added.
Find Anime in TV Sub-Forum and Manga in Literature Sub-Forum.
For New Members
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If you register for this site, please make sure to check your email for verification.

PS5 Pre-Order Drops
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The Playstation 5 is up for Pre-Order but beware of the sticker shock! MediaMarkt Sweden has the brand new console up for Pre-Order and it's not looking good, coming out at 9999 Swedish Krona, that's $1,047 USD... before taxes. 1 grand for 30 second faster load time on a game on a processor that current PCs had years prior.

Rutger Hauer has Passed Away
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Rutger Hauer best known in Bladerunner has passed at 75.

The Early Days of McFarlane Toys
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If you want one, order now. They start shipping around August 1. Only available direct from Asylum. Feel free to share the link with anyone who might be interested in a copy before they sell out.
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Be sure to check out the latest Movie and TV sections for new name title drops! The future of what's to come collectible wise, join today to discuss!
2021 Thor: Love and Thunder
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Thor 4 coming 2021, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman.​
SDCC 2019 July 18-21st
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We are one week away from SDCC 2019! With upcoming collectibles, teasers and trailers we here at Prime Geek Collectors are excited to see what comes out. Sadly we do not have a member at convention this year, however we will be covering this event live with Sponsored channel The Geek in Disguise.
Rip Torn has Passed Away
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Rip Torn who played in MIB, Dodgeball and many more has passed away at age 88.
Happy Independence Day
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Long live the Republic of United States of America! 🇺🇸
Old Members
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If you were a member last year on this site. In order to post again you must reregister on this site. Proboards our last forum hoster held all information under TOS and could not be ported over.

Artist Highlight (Snake Plissken)

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Check out more of his work!​
2019 The Current War
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New Trailer​
Happy Father's Day
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For all the Fathers, have a Happy Father's day!
Happy Memorial Day
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Wishing our Troops and Veterans a good Memorial Day. For those who have fallen, you are not forgot.