Monday July, 2 2018 by RavenEye
Prime Geek Collectors started as a community of small people who thought the collecting community had become too mainstream and political. We wanted to bring back the ideals that started the hobby of collecting and give our members a fresh start at having a place to not only call home; but have a community in time that could be as close to a collecting family. 

We specialize in giving updates on new collectibles such as Sideshow Collectibles, Chronicle Collectibles, Iron Studios and many others as well as hosting links to sponsoring places like Big Bad Toy Store. Our front page is updated periodically, so don't miss out on Pre-Orders and deals.

To those who already joined us, we thank you! And to those who lurk, please join! We don't bite... much. jk

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FOUNDERS by RavenEye

I was a collector since childhood, many of my favorite movies still to this day that I collect toys and high end collectibles from are Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Godzilla. I do quite a bit of gaming too, which I'll be honest cuts into my time with things I could spend more time on. Which is Leatherwork and it is something I started doing as a hobby, thanks to a few members who are on here; they actually own some of my work. Doing miniature leatherwork is very tedious, I'm not gonna lie it drives me nuts trying to do and make their requests accurate. However I enjoy it and welcome anyone who asks if they need something. Besides all that, I'm also this site's Admin and Creator. I try to make the site better as more people join and I'm hopeful that the other affiliations to this site including our youtube channel boosts the site.


I’ve actively collected comic books and toys since grade school in the early 80’s. My collection has evolved over the last few decades to include comic books, art prints and giclees, action figures and statues of every scale, prop replicas, and even a Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine. I run Collection Stash, a community-maintained database site that allows you to keep a record of your collectibles, provides a Price Guide, and lets you share your collection with other collectors. I’ve been a member of several collectibles forums over the years. I'm currently a moderator at the Prime Geek Collectors forum and I'm a judge for the 2018 Poppies Awards too. For the past four years, I’ve attended San Diego Comic Con and shared thousands of pictures of the collectibles at the convention on the forums.


Being a child of the 80s had it's advantage. All the best stuff came from that decade riiiight? Anyway, that's where a lot of my inspiration came from. I was obsessed with a multitude of cartoons, comics, and movies. Though superheros seemed to come to the forefront. So I set out to be a comic artist. That didn't exactly work out. I spent much of my teens drawing but I lacked the confidence to keep pushing myself forward. I quickly decided to be a writer on the heels of my failure. That's where all the creative control was anyway but that would suffer the same fate as my career in comics. It wasn't until years later that I remembered something I'd done in high school only once, sculpting. I dabbled with a number of projects until I felt comfortable and found I had a knack for it. I moved into recreating one/one props for some time until I discovered my love of smaller scale items. I now spend the majority of my time sculpting anything from one/third busts down to one/sixth heads and anything in between. It's a hobby, a passion, and a love of mine. So I'm more than happy to call myself a sculptor and painter.



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